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Stick to the development culture of “sustainable innovation to pursue excellence”

Innovation is power source for MCC5’s development.

MCC5 aims to continuously develop new market and expand the business field, continuously improve the enterprise management to upgrade the operation, and create better atmosphere to realize transformation development.

Stick to the operation culture of “adhering to honesty to realize mutual benefit”

Honesty is the basis of MCC5

MCC5 always follow the contracts to realize the mutual benefit with the clients;Among all teams inside MCC5, resources and benefit are shared while responsibility and risks are joint-borne.

The employees of MCC5 tell the truth, report the actual situation, and are always honest and helpful to each other.

Stick to the humanism culture of “taking care of each other to establish harmony”

Harmony is a foundation for MCC5’s development.

MCC5 provides a fair completive environment and a multi-level upgrading platform for the employees, and also gives training for the employees to realize their personal value along with their contribution to the enterprise.

The employees cherish their work and love their work to contribute to the enterprise.

Stick to the responsibility culture of “loyalty is first and achievement is important”

Take responsibility for one’s work is the core concept of MCC5.

MCC5 regards the achievement of the employees as the important basis for evaluation.

The employees are loyal to the enterprise and take responsibility for their work.

Stick to the implementation culture of “strict work style and high-efficiency work”

High-efficiency is the basic requirement of MCC5’s development.

MCC5 continuously stresses on the group management to realize the strict management so as to regularize the operation.

The employees work with high-efficiency and high-quality, and implement the management according to the authorization.

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